Delivery of Contract Services

Excellent service to all clients will always be of paramount importance.

As more clients seek fixed term/fixed price contracts it will be even more crucial for chambers that succeed in gaining any form of contract for publicly funded work, private work, local authority tenders and to service those novel legal providers, such as the growing number of ABSs, to monitor and maintain the standard required to retain the contract.

Service Level Agreements, rigorously monitored by the client who will expect regular, quantitative reporting, are increasingly common. Indeed, as some barristers explore the new opportunities that entity regulation will offer them, longer term contractual agreements with clients will become more important to secure a reliable, predictable income stream.

We provide support with:

  • Assisting chambers to prepare, cost, submit and bid for contracts
  • Monitoring and maintaining quality
  • Ensuring Service Level Agreements are complied with and match the client’s expectations
  • Developing and implementing Key Performance Indicators to provide continuing quantitative assessment for all work
  • Training staff and members to deliver to the client’s satisfaction

Improved cash flow through certainly of work and payment will help secure chamber’s financial health. We¬† provide the confidence of knowing that your all work, including and especially contacts, is secure, that the work chambers does is carried out under the terms of the contract and that the chances of retaining the work at the point of re-tendering is significantly increased.