Chambers strategy and business development

Much of our consultancy work is connected with chambers strategy and business development.

Most chambers face significant challenges in maintaining and building their business.  The firms of solicitors that once referred clients to them are often now undertaking advocacy in house; there are falls in volumes of work in many areas, in particular crime; and the rates of pay for legal aid, which still accounts for much of the income of many chambers, have been frozen or have declined.  This is all before competition increases even further due to new market entrants undertaking advocacy work and even more change and upheaval in legal aid.

Any business needs a clear strategy and barristers chambers are no different.


Developing chambers’ strategy

Our assistance in this area typically involves:

  • Working with the management team to set an overall strategy
  • Working with each practice group to develop a plan for that area
  • Analysing fees in recent years and identifying trends
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identification of top 100 clients
  • Assistance developing a plan
  • Review of current marketing and BD and the development of a plan

Business benefits

Having a plan is one of the cornerstones of running  a successful Chambers.  External support from consultants highly familiar with the sector can make the difference between something mediocre and something that makes a real difference.

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