Barristers chambers mergers

We have considerable experience of managing barristers chambers mergers, as well as solicitors firms and other professional services businesses.

Why merge?

For some a merger might offer the harnessing or recruitment of new talent by combining forces or becoming sufficiently big to ‘matter’ with large clients, corporate General Counsel, Magic Circle firms etc.  It might offer a springboard into new areas of work or present the opportunity to strike out overseas or other markets. For some a merger might be a defensive strategy allowing the two sets to reduce costs through the elimination of duplication at various levels. It might provide some buffer against ever decreasing public funding fees, especially in criminal defence work. For still others a merger might allow innovation in accommodation and allow them to adopt new, IT-based ways of working.

How to merge

Mergers are tricky to plan, execute and implement.

They are most definitely not for the amateur, no matter how enthusiastic, well-meaning or good at advocacy.

Click barristers-chambers-mergers………for a thumbnail sketch of the merger process.

Very often, using an experienced, objective, non-partisan third party is a very good way to help expedite a merger. The involvement of members and/or management or clerks is a waste of people who have got important day jobs to do and, invariably, affects income, cash flow and client service. We can provide such support and, working with both parties, reporting regularly and removing the obstacles in the way of the main objective, reduce the time and cost which is always involved in such major ventures.