Barristers chambers management skills training

Barristers Chambers management skills training is an important and growing issue.

Traditionally Chambers have been managed by clerks or chief executives, however executive authority has rested with the owners, the members. Important decisions are taken by the members, not by management. The philosophy has been that barristers should deliver legal services and that the clerks should manage. Whilst this model has been successful in the past it may not be appropriate for the future.

Many smaller firms of solicitors are also managed in a similar ad hoc way and there is little clear leadership. A growing number however are well run and these are the firms who will provide the Bar with competition.

Over the last twenty years law firms have increasingly identified partners with management and leadership skills who, because they are owners in the business, have become highly effective leaders. The Bar may have to do the same. Our in-house courses are designed to provide both clerks and barristers with the management skills they will need.