Andrew Otterburn

carousel1Andrew Otterburn specialises on advising chambers and law firms with respect to their management, strategy and leadership.   A chartered accountant and management consultant with twenty five years experience, Andrew has advised around 250 firms and chambers in the UK and Ireland.

He specialises in:

  • Developing different structures
  • Training and supporting members and employed staff in undertaking management roles
  • Financial management
  • Identifying concepts from law firm management applicable to chambers
  • Helping chambers respond to the challenge with legal aid

He has advised the Law Society, Ministry of Justice and prior to that with regard to legal aid.

He is a founder member of the Law Consultancy Network and vice chair of the Law Society’s Law Management Section.

His book, “Profitability & Law firm Management” was first published in 2002, with the second edition in 2007.  the 3rd edition is due to be published in the latter part of 2015.  Other publications include “From Recession to Upturn”, published by the Law Society in 2009 and the Law Society’s Legal Aid Toolkit, co-authored with Vicky Ling.

Andrew has chaired or spoken at many conferences on behalf of the Law Society, the Law Society of Scotland, the Law Society of Ireland, and other organisations.