Barristers chambers management, strategy and leadership

Led by Ian Dodd and Andrew Otterburn our work with Barristers focuses on barristers chambers management, strategy and leadership.

The bar faces huge change and most chambers are unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead.  In particular decision making in many sets is slow and cumbersome and often involves all members.  They are not in effect run as businesses.  In particular many sets are dependent on legal aid and are seeing volumes of work fall as work is retained in-house by instructing solicitors.  The challenge lies in developing effective leadership and management structures that enable chambers to respond to change and to develop new income streams.

“Andrew Otterburn and Ian Dodd quickly got to grips with the financial landscape of our chambers by their attention to detail. Their drive, determination and dedication helped us to devise a strategic plan for growth. They were both extremely generous with their time and motivational in their responses. As a result of their input we have formulated our budget with a much clearer knowledge and understanding of our potential sources of income and our priorities for expenditure.” 

Our work focuses on:

  • helping Chambers change, develop better client-focused management, strategy and leadership, in particular their structures and decision making and move beyond the outdated “Management Committee” model. Also to help them understand why the concept of a chief executive also often does not work ;
  • helping chambers develop more effective financial management;
  • improving chambers marketing and business development, especially in areas such as direct access;
  • helping chambers respond to issues such as legal aid contracting

Core services:

 In December 2014 the BSB announced proposals for entity regulation including the concept of “single person entities”.  Click here for further information on this and its possible implications.

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